How to Install a WordPress Plugin? (2 Methods)

One of the biggest reasons for WordPress popularity is its extensive plugin market. A number of the plugin for each function is available in the plugin repository.

After installing WordPress, the first thing you should learn is to install a WordPress plugin. You are going to install and uninstall lots of plugins.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install a WordPress plugin. You can easily download any plugin from the WordPress directory, or third-party sites.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin

There are various methods to install a plugin to WordPress. In this tutorial, I will be sharing the two most beginner-friendly methods.

  1. Install a Plugin using WordPress Plugin Search
  2. Install a Plugin using the WordPress Admin Plugin Upload

Install a Plugin using WordPress Plugin Search

Using the plugin search is the easiest method to install a WordPress plugin. However, to use this method, the plugin must be in the WordPress plugin directory.

The method is as simple as installing an app from the PlayStore. 

To install the plugin from the WordPress directory, you need to visit the Plugin area.

Find the Plugins >> Add New in the sidebar of the WordPress admin dashboard.

Adding new plugin to WordPress

A screen similar to the above screenshot will load. Search for the WordPress plugin by the name or the functionality of the plugin. 

For example: SEO

Searching WordPress plugin by Keyword

You will find all the plugins listed for the keyword SEO.

Pick anyone that you think is best for you. Try and trial a few of the SEO plugins. In this tutorial, we are going to install the most popular SEO plugin.

Click the Install Now button beside the plugin’s listing box.

WordPress will download the file from the directory and install it to your WordPress for you.

After the installation is complete, the Install Now button will change into the ‘Activate’ button.

Yoast SEO

WordPress will install the plugin for you, but unless you activate it, you cannot use it. I insist that you only install only those plugins that you intended to activate and use.

So go ahead, and click on the Activate button, so you can begin using the WordPress plugin.

You successfully installed your first of many WordPress plugin.

Next step is to configure the plugin settings, which will vary plugin to plugin. I am not covering that in this tutorial.

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Install a WordPress Plugin using Admin Plugin Upload

As I mentioned, the search method only works for the WordPress plugins that are available in the WordPress plugin directory.

Not all plugins are available in the directory. Many paid plugins are sold separately by the WordPress developers. 

You have to upload those plugins with the upload option. 

I will show you how to install a WordPress plugin using the upload function available on the WP dashboard.

The first step is to download the plugin from the source. WP plugins come in ZIP format. You do not need to unzip it as WordPress will do that for you.

Go to WordPress dashboard and find the Plugins >> Add New.

You will see the ‘Upload Plugin’ button on the top of the page. Click on it.

Install a WordPress Plugin

Clicking the ‘Upload Plugin’ will reveal the uploading option. 

Upload Plugin

Click on ‘Choose File’ and upload the ZIP file of Plugin that you downloaded to your computer.

After selecting the file, click on ‘Install Now’ button. Now, WordPress will upload the plugin file, and install it to WordPress.

You will see a notification displaying ‘Plugin Installed Successfully’.

Uploading WordPress Plugin

After installation, you will see the ‘Activate Plugin’ button. Click on it to start using the plugin.

Next step is to configure the setting of the plugin, that vary from plugin to plugin.

Take Away

There are two beginner-friendly methods of installing a WordPress plugin.

  • WordPress Plugin Search: Visiting the Plugin directory, and searching the plugin you need to install. Then install it from the button beside the listing.
  • Uploading Plugin: Downloading the WordPress plugin ZIP file from the third-party. Uploading it with uploading function of WordPress.

I hope this tutorial helped you learn how to install a WordPress plugin. If there is any question or queries, leave it in the comment box.

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