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Collection of digital marketing eBook on different topics to learn about SEO, drop shipping, eCommerce, WordPress and CDN. Download the eBook and read at your pace, anytime & anywhere.

Ebooks & Guides


E-Commerce SEO Made Easy

Want more targeted traffic to your eCommerce store, and get more sales. Learn eCommerce SEO from our free and detailed guide eCommerce SEO made easy 2020.


A Guide to Content Delivery Network

Thinking of using a CDN on your website But confused, which one to choose? Don’t worry, this guide will help you make informed decisions about your CDN requirements.


51 Points Checklist to Evaluate Images

Having images on your site that can be found on Google image search is an essential part of SEO. Learn how to optimize your images and use the ideal type of images.


TTFB Optimizations: Guide to Enhanced Performance

Optimizing Time to First Byte is critical to improving the speed and performance of the site.  In this guide, we take you through the factors for high TTFB and ways to reduce it.


Core Web Vitals: The New Official Ranking Factors

Google values user experience while ranking the sites and to measure that, Google uses Core Web Vitals. In this eBook, you will learn what are Core Web Vitals, and how you can optimize your site for them.

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