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Why is WPSchool Free?

WPSchool is free for the users who wants to learn WordPress. Though we get funding thrugh the advertisement.

These advertisement is not customized for you, nor we use your data to dynamically change the ads.

What we do is to put affiliate links in the posts.

Whenever we recommend any tools, service or software to you, related to marketing or WordPress, we use the affiliate links.

What do you mean by Affiliate?

Affiliate basically means commisioning.

Whenever you buy a product, tool, service, software, or any program we recommend you to buy, we get a little commission if you do it via our link.

Now, you do not pay a dime extra when buying through our link, however we are partners with various sellers that can offer discounts to our readers.

The sellers pays us for the sales we send their way.

Does it mean our reviews are biased?

Certainly no.

We write honest reviews, and product evaluations.

Finally, it’s up to you which software to try on, or buy. We only make honest reviews, and tell you about them.

This is how we earn money.

How you can Help Us?

Yu can help us by:

  1. Buying the products that we recommend
  2. Leaving the review of the products we recommend in the comments sections
  3. Sharing our articles to your social media

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