About WPSchool

WPSchool is free educational site for beginners and experts. On WPSchool, you will find the article, tutorials, guides, & education content on topics related to the internet marketing, web development, emerging technologies, online monetization, popular platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal etc, reviews of various softwares, social media, content writing, web designing, web hosting, SEO, traffic and expert advice to make online business successful.

Want to take your business online?

Learn about the different technologies, platforms, and strategies to take your business online, and making it profitable.

Our Mission

Our primary focus to provide simple instructions, tutorials, and articles for the WordPress learners, businesses, bloggers, eCommerce store owners and website owners. WPSchool makes creating, managing and scaling the business with the help of internet easy for everyone.

Ever asked these questions !!

  • How to create an online store?
  • How to make personal blog?
  • How to set up business website?
  • How to build a eCommerce marketplace?
  • How to make a membership site?
  • How to sell Tshirts online?
  • How to make an SEO career?
  • How to do online marketing?

WPSchool provides answers to these and much more burning questions.

What make us Credible?

Unbiased Research

Each and every review of every software/product/service you find on WPSchool is free of any bias. Our experts research and use the product before making any opinions, and provide you an honest review.

15+ Years Experienced​

Our team consist of members that are in Internet business for over 15 years. A number of technologies are built and scraped in front of their eyes. They know what to look, and what matters.​

Field Experts

Our team is what make us expert. We have designers, web developers, writers, online marketers, expert in their areas. They plays a critical role in content development for the WPSchool at multiple level.

Tried & Tested

WPSchool team try and test each product before reviewing them. We use software, spend time pounding all the angles, explores the negative and positive sides before writing down our evaluations.

FAQ About Us

WPSchool is funded by the referral commissions. It means, if you read our article, and buy the product on our recommendations, we receive commissions.

The commissions is only for the paid plans, so if you take trial, and does not like the product, we don't get a single cent.

We provide you the honest review, so you only go and try the most suitable product for you.

In a way, you, our readers fund us.

You can take a look at our disclosure for more information about how we make money.

WPSchool is a part of SerevrGuy brand network. 

It is a separate entity, with different approach, and unique mission. 

Though, we promote our other brands on WPSchool, but our other brands are viewed as any other brand while reviewing.

Our research team is different from the writing team. WPSchool research team use, analyse and review the products. Then the writing team use those points to write reviews.

This way our reviews are remain easy to read, while supported by the field experts.

At WPSchol, we try to keep the content updated always.

If you find any article with the outdated information, you can report it here.

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